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Scrunchie - BigBoi

Scrunchie - BigBoi

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We've got a scrunchie for every occasion, whether you're after something silky and a little bit fancy, or something a little more low-key, you name it we've got it!

Our scrunchies are all straight from Vinarada - your eco conscious scrunchy dealer! 

Scrunchie Sizes

Vinarada Original - are made with large thick and stretchy elastic, perfect for long and/or thick hair.
They are big enough so you can wear them on your wrists all day and you wont get those nasty red marks.

Vinarada BigBois - are made with the same elastic as the OG's however they use more than THREE times as much fabric making them a real statement piece and XXL in size.

Vinrada Mini -  are made using thick and stretchy elastic and are perfect for little ones, people with thin hair, or half up/half down hair styles!

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